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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Predictions kuno for The Bash...

Yahoo!!! Heto na ang pinakaaabangang...

"Predictions kuno!!!"

Ilang oras na lang at masasaksihan na ng buong mundo ang pinaka-latest na Pay-Per-View ng WWE. Yes folks, The Great American Bash is around the corner, kaya naman hindi na magkamayaw ang mga wrestling fans around the world for this another historic event in sports and entertainment.

Out of 9 matches, 7 of them will have a corresponding Title on the line. But right now, sisimulan natin ang ating predictions sa natitirang dalawang face-off.
In the past few weeks, Carlito wasn't able to stay "cool" about Sandman's arrival on Raw. Kaya naman hindi rin nakapagtataka kung hindi rin "cool" ang tingin sa kanya ng ating Hardcore Icon. If the Carribean Cool won't win at the Bash, it wouldn't be surprising dahil kung naniniwala siya sa karma, aba eto na yun dahil sa pagiging disrespectful niya kina Lolo Ric Flair at sa kanyang ex na si Torrie. Oops! Bago ko makalimutan, hindi rin nga pala niya iginalang ang pagdating sa Raw ng kanyang magiging opponent sa Bash.

And since we've been talking about "being disrespectful", our next match is also having some issues about the word RESPECT. Dusty Rhodes will give Randy Orton some lessons on how to treat people, especially those who brought him in the business, with respect. The Hall of Famer and considered as one of the Legends will be in a Texas Bull-Rope match against the Legend Killer. But it looks like the "legend" of the Bionic Elbow won't be killed with an ambitious and arrogant RKO. Randy might have "ended" the careers of Shawn Michaels and RVD, but with the American Dream at the American Bash? I don't think so.

Now, let's talk about The Hardys and their Championship matches at the Bash.

Matt will have a chance to grab the United States Title from Montell Vontavious Porter, while Jeff is going to battle against Umaga to be the new Intercontinental Champion. Actually, in the past years of having The Hardys in this business, I can't find anything wrong for them not to win in their respective matches. Matt and Jeff have proven their worth and it seems like the Bash will give them a a great twist of fate.

Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble and Funaki will try to grab the Cruiserweight Title from Chavo Guerrero. Pero out of all these people who want to win, mukang the one who has the word "warrior" in his name will win. At wala nang iba pa kungdi si Chavo.

A candy-coated match will have a little bit of spice as Candice defends her gold against Melina. The Women's Title will be on the line again and Melina is really determined to bring the gold back on her waist. But as what I feel about this match, the Diva who used to be an eye-candy will successfully defend her Title and will have a sweet taste of victory.

And we're down to three Titles. Let's have first the ECW World Championship.

Kasabay ng pagpalit ng ringname ni Johnny Nitro into John Morrison, mukang mas lalo siyang naging aggressive. Parang may sudden change sa kanya na hindi ko maipaliwanag. I mean it's obvious na iba na yung name niya pero I don't know why I feel na siya pa rin ang uuwing ECW Champion. For CM Punk, I can feel na he's going to be a champion but it won't happen at the Bash. Pero I'm sure that it would be pretty soon.

Second to the last will be our World Heavyweight Championship. Wow, as in, it will be a Triple Threat Match for the gold. The Great Khali will defend the Title, which he won from a 20-men battle royal, against Kane and Batista. Sa totoo lang, masama ang loob ko dahil siya ang naging World Heavyweight Champion after Edge. Nakakainis kasi hindi ko siya makitaan ng wrestling talent. I mean, wala sa kanya yung ningning ng pagiging pro-wrestler. Malaki lang siya, ayun lang. I'm really disappointed when he became the winner of the 20-men battle royal. I'd rather see Edge carrying the Title. Kasi kahit oportunista siya, he can definitely wrestle.

Well, kung sa magiging World Heavyweight Champion after the Bash, I'll go for Batista. Teka lang, hindi porke die-hard fan ako ni Papa Dave eh nagiging bias ako noh. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and supossedly, The Animal would never have a championship match while Edge is still the reigning champion because of his loss at Vengeance. Everything was really polished for The Great American Bash: Kane vs. Edge and Batista vs. Khali. BUT everything changes in a second and before you know it, hindi na si Edge ang World Heavyweight Champion. My point here is I didn't expect na magiging napakaaga ng muling pagkatok ng isang championship match kay Dave. And I think the Title wants to be back in his arms too.

Last but not the least will be the epic battle between John Cena and Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. Grabe, nakakaloka talaga ito dahil Cena has been with the strongest, biggest and greatest wrestlers in his entire career. On the other hand, Lashley had proven his great athletic ability and power during his time as an amateur wrestler. Well ganun din naman sa kanyang career as a pro. This match for the WWE Championship is really unpredictable pero talagang ginawa ko ang lahat, maka-predict lang ako ng winner. =)

I see John Cena as the victorious one and the true CHAMP after the Bash. As I've said earlier, a lot of obstacles and challenges were placed on his plate but still, he won't quit and he never backed down. Lashley is really a physical challenge for Cena. However, Cena's passion and character that brought him to the top will definitely make him stay as The Champ.

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! You see how exciting this PPV will be? I see four new champs and three successfully defended titles. Oh well, I just hope my instinct won't let me down. hehehehe...

See you at the Bash!!!

See yah at The Great American Bash!!!

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